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The California Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (CASFAA) is a non-partisan, non-profit professional organization representing student aid administrators at hundreds of colleges and universities across the state. Members share a common goal of improving access to, and delivery of, student financial aid in the State of California.

The annual dues are $75 for a membership term which runs from January 1 to December 31. Member benefits include a quarterly newsletter, 24/7/365 access to our online member database, workshops and training opportunities, one of the largest annual financial aid conferences, and networking access to some of the most knowledgeable practitioners in the field. CASFAA also provides a JobsLink posting service open to the public.

Membership dues are included in the registration fee for the association's annual conference each December and are collected as part of the conference registration process. Membership dues may also be paid directly when completing a membership application form anytime throughout the membership year. If you are not attending the CASFAA Conference, please complete the online Membership/Renewal Application Form below.

There are two categories of CASFAA membership. Active membership is reserved for persons engaged in any aspect of the operation of student financial aid at either the campus or system wide level in a postsecondary institution in California, the California Student Aid Commission (, and Region IX of the US Department of Education ( Active members may seek election to CASFAA's executive council and may vote in CASFAA elections.

Associate membership is reserved for any person with an interest in student financial aid, including, lenders, guaranty agency staff, loan servicers, secondary markets, financial aid administrators from other states, consultants, high school counselors, and other interested individuals. Associate members play an active role in CASFAA activities and may serve as members of committees but are ineligible to hold elected offices or to vote in CASFAA elections.

Individuals join CASFAA, not their school, company, or agency. If a member changes employment, his or her CASFAA membership transfers with the individual (and membership information should be updated by the individual). A person who accepts a position previously held by a CASFAA member does not automatically become a CASFAA member, but must join, if interested, by completing the online Membership/Renewal Application and submitting it with $75 in dues to CASFAA Membership Services.

CASFAA is a volunteer organization. Members are encouraged to participate in committee events to ensure that CASFAA remains a strong association and a leader in shaping financial aid policy in the state and the nation.

CASFAA New Member Application

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