Industry Trainings

CASFAA is excited to offer 4 virtual tax training webinars throughout the month of February in a series of topics that include Verification of Tax Filers; Verifying Non-Tax Filers & Who Must File a Tax Return; Filing Status  & FAFSA-IRS Marital Status Mismatches and Other Issues - Income Earned from Work, The Tax Table Method of Splitting an Income Tax for 2019 and an introduction to the 2020 tax forms and tax code!

The webinars will begin Wednesday, February 3, 2020 from 10:00am to 12:00pm PST concluding February 25th.  The cost of the webinar series is $50.00 for CASFAA & WASFAA members.  The fee includes all 4 webinars.  
Register for 1 or all 4 webinars and as a registered attendee, if you are unable to attend the live session, a recording of the webinar will be available at no charge.  
Visit the CASFAA website and register today:

The CASFAA Training Committee is pleased to offer the NASFAA U credential topic “Cost of Attendance” provided by your experienced and credentialed NASFAA U training colleagues.

This course will provide an overview of the principles and purposes of the student budget construction process, gain an understanding of how to build student budgets (including sources for setting the value of cost components), learn about the various allowable budget components and restrictions for certain categories of students, and become familiar with budget recalculations and the impact of non-Title IV aid on the cost of attendance.  Completion of this webinar event and receipt of the self-study guide will assist individuals in taking the corresponding NASFAA Professional Credential test.

The cost for this event will be $50. This is a big savings value! A relative equivalent purchased through NASFAA (online course and credential test) is priced at $500. No CASFAA membership to participate will required at this time since CASFAA will have final membership pricing for 2021 available in the near future.

In addition to the live online training provided by our CASFAA trainers, this valuable training will come with an official NASFAA U Study Guide and a discount voucher code that will allow you to take the test to get your NASFAA credential for $49.95, a 50% savings over the $99 NASFAA charges for the test.

* *You must be paid in full for both the event and be in attendance for the online training to receive the study guide and voucher code.

 CASFAA is pleased to promote and share web based training opportunities for financial aid administrators provided by our industry partners during this month.  Topics range from financial aid compliance and best practices, to helping students managing debt and repayment, to professional development and personal improvement.  These training and informational sessions are available to you free of charge.  Register now!

February Trainings
If you are an industry partner (Guarantor, default management/prevention, financial literacy, lender, servicer, software provider, scholarship or grant service, service provider, etc.) offering web based training or informational sessions for Financial Aid Administrators related to financial aid, professional development, useful research data, or your products as they support the delivery of financial aid funds and services to college students, and would like to have your sessions included in the monthly web training promotion to CASFAA Members and the CASFAA calendar, please send your information to Thalassa Naylor at [email protected]. Please include the following information: Title, short description of the session, Date and Time (pacific) and generic training page link or specific link to register.