Membership FAQs


  • How can I tell if I am/my school is a member?

Log in to your account on with your school email and password. (There is a password reset option if needed.) Once logged in, click on the "My Profile" tab and look for your member status:
 If this does not say "Active" or it notes "Your membership will expire at 11:59 PM EST on Jan 31" be sure to click the Renew Now button to renew your membership. **For Institutional members, the Renew Now button will display for the Key Contact only.


  • I’m having trouble getting into the renewal form. What can I do?

If you see one of these two errors, you are likely not listed as the key contact for your institution:

You are not eligible to take this form. If you feel like this is in error, please contact your administrator for help.
The form you requested is invalid.

Unless otherwise requested, key contacts were defaulted to Directors listed in the membership database.  Once logged in, the key contact can update to another key contact.  If you are having trouble making this change, complete this form for assistance.


  • How long is the Membership Year?  When will renewal be needed?

The membership year aligns with the calendar year. Renewal fees are due annually by January 31. **In order to allow for processing time, membership will expire on 3/31** 


  • When and why did CASFAA make the change to offer Institutional/Organizational Membership?

CASFAA moved to an Institutional Membership option in 2021 after having survey the membership for interest in this option.  The survey response was overwhelmingly in favor of this move, and thus a Bylaw Change was made to allow for a new type of membership.


  • What is the price of an individual membership vs. Institutional/Organizational membership? Why should I switch to an Institutional/Organizational membership?

Given the price point of $300, an institution with four (4) or more members would benefit from Institutional Membership. Individual membership is still an option at the original $75 per member pricing.


  • I want to upgrade from an individual to an Institutional/Organizational membership. How can I do this?

If you would like to request moving from 1-3 Individual members to an Institutional Membership, please contact Electronic Initiatives Chair Daniel Reed at [email protected] for assistance.  If you are a new member hoping to begin with Institutional Membership, please complete the membership application.


  • How many votes does an Institution get?

Voting is granted to Active members.  Each staff member listed within an Institution is considered an active member, so each would have a vote.


  • What is the difference between the membership types? (Active/Associate, Institutional/Organizational)

Per CASFAA's Bylaws:


Section 1.  There shall be two classifications of membership in this Association: active and associate membership.

Section 2. Active membership shall be limited to persons engaged in any aspect of the operation of student financial aid either at the campus or at the systemwide level in a postsecondary institution in California, including the California Student Aid Commission and the Region IX Office of the United States Department of Education.  Active members shall have all rights and privileges of membership including the right to vote on all matters that come before the Association membership and to hold office on the Executive Council.

Section 3.Associate membership shall include representatives of other educational institutions and government agencies, foundations, private and community, involved in financial aid matters and persons in an institution of postsecondary education in states other than the one listed in Section 2 above, or individuals with a professional interest in financial aid matters. Associate members shall have all rights and privileges of membership except the right to vote or to hold office on the Executive Council.

Institutional Membership is designed for Active members, and each staff profile included within that Institutional is considered an Active member.  Similarly, Associate Members can have Organizational Membership, and each staff profile included within that Organization is considered an Associate member.
  • I now work for a different institution/organization, how do I update my profile?

The Key Contact of an Institutional Membership is responsible for keeping the staff listing updated.  Updates can be made throughout the year by the Key Contact via

Individual members can update their account at any time through  While individual memberships can transfer with the individual, Institutional Membership would not.


  • I want to add a new staff member to my Institutional/Organizational membership. How can I do this?

The Key Contact of an Institutional Membership is responsible for keeping the staff listing updated.  (Generally, the Director of Financial Aid was selected as the Key Contact.) Updates can be made throughout the year by the Key Contact via Once logged in, hover over the "My Profile" menu item and click on the tab "Your Organization." Look for the tab called "Org Members" to update/add/remove the profiles listed. If you would like to add additional staff under this Institutional Membership, or change the key contact for the Institution, please log in through your account, or complete this form here!


  • My Membership Application is not going through! I get this message: Fields in this section contain errors.

When submitting your membership application, be sure to fill in all required fields. If you are completing an Institutional/Organizational membership, each individual that is linked to the institution/organization must have complete information; be sure to expand every profile to check for missing fields.


  • Why is there a $10 fee on my membership application/renewal?

Payment with a credit card is CASFAA's preferred method.  Payment with a check incurs a $10 processing fee.