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 Save the date!  Wednesday, January 20 1:00 – 4:00 pm

NASFAA U Authorized Event from CASFAA:  Return to Title IV

This course will provide an overview of the provisions and examines how to handle a student's Title IV funds when they withdraw from school before completing the payment period or period of enrollment. In addition, you will learn how to properly identify a Title IV recipient and the formula associated with the return of Title IV funds. Completion of this webinar event and receipt of the self-study guide (provided as a part of this training) qualifies individuals to take the corresponding NASFAA Professional Credential test at a 50% discount.  Cost for the training:  $50

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Wednesday, January 27  2:00 pm

"Understanding (or Decoding) the ISIR – Guidance and Best Practices"

The ISIR is a critical document needed for the processing of federal student aid. ED's guidance and the information provided is often heavy and confusing. What data is included? How is it used? What are some of the common questions you encounter when processing it? What flexibility do you have in addressing or resolving the comment codes and data flags? Who do you go to for help and what strategies do some schools use to manage their processes? These and other issues will be covered so bring YOUR questions and best practices to the discussion.  Cost:  Free!

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CASFAA is pleased to promote and share web based training opportunities for financial aid administrators provided by our industry partners during this month.  Topics range from financial aid compliance and best practices, to helping students managing debt and repayment, to professional development and personal improvement.  These training and informational sessions are available to you free of charge.  Register now!

January Trainings
If you are an industry partner (Guarantor, default management/prevention, financial literacy, lender, servicer, software provider, scholarship or grant service, service provider, etc.) offering web based training or informational sessions for Financial Aid Administrators related to financial aid, professional development, useful research data, or your products as they support the delivery of financial aid funds and services to college students, and would like to have your sessions included in the monthly web training promotion to CASFAA Members and the CASFAA calendar, please send your information to Thalassa Naylor at [email protected]. Please include the following information: Title, short description of the session, Date and Time (pacific) and generic training page link or specific link to register.

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