Training Events
CASFAA 2024 Emerging Leaders Academy
July 15-19, 2024
Southern California (exact location TBA)

You are invited to join this exciting new training program! CASFAA is planning to launch the inaugural CASFAA Emerging Leaders Academy (ELA) in Summer 2024. The purpose of this academy is to provide a comprehensive training program for emerging financial aid leaders in California institutions of higher learning. The topics covered will range from federal issues, including administrative capability responsibilities, audits, FISAP reporting and program reviews; state issues unique to California schools, including the differences between higher education segments, California state aid programs, state budget and legislative realities, and navigating through the state and federal regulatory maze. Participants will learn how to build positive communication skills, manage conflict and lead through change.

The program will end with the NASFAA module on Consumer Information (Which can lead to a NASFAA Credential) and a wrap up of the week’s learning. CASFAA will draw from its pool of highly skilled trainers and invited guest-speakers to provide perspective and depth of experience to this intensive and supportive learning experience. CASFAA believes that by providing this academy experience to emerging leaders, participants will be better equipped to manage the complexities of a financial aid program, office, or department in a California.  Below is a sample of the agenda:

Monday, July 15 

Tuesday, July 16

Wednesday, July 17

Thursday, July 18

Friday, July 19






Travel to ELA Check in

All about California Aid Programs

History of Federal Financial Aid:  Aid Program Overview

Effectively Communicating Your Vision

NASFAA Credential Consumer Information

Lunch with Training Staff

Discussion of Segmental Differences

Eligible School, Eligible Program, Eligible Student

Managing conflict, leading change, Dare to Lead

The value of volunteerism, leadership opportunities

Community Building activities, program review

History of Financial Aid;  State Aid



 Wrap up, share feedback, takeaways, survey



FISAP reporting

NASFAA CFAA Program Review


Dinner and opening activities 

-CA Aid Programs -California State Budget Process and State audit realities

-Dinner with small group

 Single audits and program review




Visualizing Career Pathways

Building Third Party Partnerships



Registration: TBA

Cost, including lodging, meals, and training for residential students:

$800 -CASFAA members

$900 - non-members

Cost, including meals and training for commuter students:

$500 - CASFAA members

$600 - non-members

Below are some Recorded Trainings:
California Ban on Scholarship Displacement   June 27, 2023
Presented by members of the CASFAA State Issues Committee, NorCal Promise Coalition, Santa Clara University and uAspire
Presented by David Levy
Student Loan Update  May 4, 2023
Presented by Mark Kantrowitz
Decoding the ISIR   April 25, 2023
Presented by CASFAA Training - Shawn Domingo, Anafe Robinson, Bronwyn Garrison
Funding for Graduate School   April 27, 2023
Presented by Mark Kantrowitz

Industry Trainings

CASFAA is pleased to promote and share web based training opportunities for financial aid administrators provided by our industry partners during this month.  Topics range from financial aid compliance and best practices, to helping students managing debt and repayment, to professional development and personal improvement.  These training and informational sessions are available to you free of charge, unless indicated otherwise. 

Financial Aid Online Training Opportunities November 2023.pdf
Training resources here.

  If you are an industry partner (Guarantor, default management/prevention, financial literacy, lender, servicer, software provider, scholarship or grant service, service provider, etc.) offering web based training or informational sessions for Financial Aid Administrators related to financial aid, professional development, useful research data, or your products as they support the delivery of financial aid funds and services to college students, and would like to have your sessions included in the monthly web training promotion to CASFAA Members and the CASFAA calendar, please send your information to Thalassa Naylor at t[email protected] include the following information: Title, short description of the session, Date and Time (pacific) and generic training page link or specific link to register.